Leadership: Joyful or Joyless
  •  12/5/2023 10:58 AM

The highs and lows, the joyful and joyless leaders and their impact. How do different leadership styles show joy? And uncover the impact of joylessness in leadership, revealing the void it creates, hindering growth and stifling creativity within teams.

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Turning Grievances into Growth: Leveraging Dissatisfaction
  •  11/27/2023 09:51 AM

Explore the journey from discontentment to caution against depression and discover how dissatisfaction can spark transformative change. Uncover the power D, V, F in starting conversations and preventing your organization from becoming the dreaded "C" word.

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What is Collaboration? Getting Beyond Cooperation
  •  11/16/2023 09:04 AM

Collaboration, a topic that resonates deeply with educators, is our focus today. Collaboration permeates different aspects of the educational landscape, contributing to the collective growth, success, and continuous improvement of schools and students. We hear and see collaboration through PLCs, curriculum development, student support services, and almost all aspects of school leadership. So let’s explore one of my favorite quotes on collaboration to provide some context and connection to schools.

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Burnout: Pretending is Preventing
  •  11/9/2023 08:28 AM

In this week's blog post, we explore the delicate balance between resilience and vulnerability by unpacking the quote, by Levi Lusko, "The problem isn't that you have felt burnt out, the problem perhaps is you didn't know what to do when you did feel that way. Pretending is preventing." This week, I get personal and emphasize the importance of authenticity and seeking support among life's blizzards. But be prepared, because of course, there's a twist. It's a narrative of growth, honesty, and the true strength found in acknowledging our struggles.

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No Hesitation with a Dash of Determination, Please
  •  11/1/2023 10:46 AM

Ever feel like you cannot hesitate for one moment or it will be perceived as weakness? In this empowering post, you'll explore personal stories and real-life examples of remarkable trailblazers. Discover how women with unwavering determination confront challenges and biases in male-dominated environments. Join the movement to be a crown-fixer, celebrate achievements, and support one another on the path to progress. After all, there's no competition, and there's enough room for all of us.

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Recipe of Restraint: The Charcuterie Approach to Life and Leadership
  •  10/27/2023 09:12 AM

Simple wisdom: "My success isn't all about what I do. It's also about what I don't do." Discover how success hinges not only on our actions but also on our restraint. Uncover the hidden assassin of progress – the over-doer who appears busy but lacks true leadership. Learn the art of avoidance, a critical element of success, as we prioritize quality over quantity and significance over busyness. We will dissect this simple quote to understand that true success lies in strategic choices and allocating time and energy to what genuinely moves the needle in both life and leadership.

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Imperfectly Perfecting Excellence
  •  10/21/2023 01:03 PM

Excellence is a state of being, not a goal to achieve or miss. To truly succeed, we often feel compelled not just to be excellent but to be perfect. However, the harsh truth is that the pursuit of perfection doesn't propel us forward. In reality, it undermines us in more ways than we might comprehend.

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Nearly Logical Classrooms
  •  10/11/2023 03:36 AM

If you've ever wondered why life often appears just a tad more mathematical and orderly than it actually is, you're not alone. Are your days reasonably predictable or just nearly reasonable? Do you find yourself oscillating between rigid logic and trusting your intuition? Is it all merely a dance of the unpredictable? With more questions than answers on our hands, join us on an insightful journey as we explore the concept of nearly logical classrooms across America.

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Educational Lottery... I mean Equity: Designing Teachers
  •  10/5/2023 10:53 AM

Dig into the profound quote by Hattie, Fisher, and Frey, "Every student deserves a great teacher, not by chance, but by design," in our latest post. We dissect the intricate concept of the "educational lottery" and its challenges, recognizing that solving it is no easy feat. But don't despair — join us as we explore practical strategies that hold the promise of reducing chance and nurturing more supportive environments for teachers and leaders. Discover how we can move closer to a future of equitable education in this compelling read.

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Painfully Lost or Purposefully Disoriented?
  •  9/27/2023 10:57 AM

Discover how the pain of getting lost can lead to the pleasure of self-realization, as you navigate through life's unexpected detours and redefine your path. Or is it? Join us in contemplating the idea that being lost isn't a temporary detour but a lifelong journey, offering continuous exploration of our ever-unfolding selves.

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Apathy, Engagement, and the Power of Intrinsic Curiosity
  •  9/14/2023 07:51 AM

Today students seem more and more apathetic. We explore Berger's quote on apathy and if we as educators can do anything about this serious issue. Come explore the journey from student apathy to vibrant engagement through the power of intrinsic curiosity in education.

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The Unlearning Process: Becoming Wiser by Being Wrong
  •  9/6/2023 09:37 AM

Discover how embracing intellectual humility and challenging assumptions can lead to true growth and wisdom. Uncover lessons from history, nature, and the groundbreaking work of Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman that inspire a shift in perspective, reminding us that being wrong can be a stepping stone toward being just a little more right.

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