Are We Putting the EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLAble in PLC?
  •  8/23/2023 05:41 AM

This thought-provoking blog post takes you on a journey from conventional meetings to dynamic learning communities. It all began with a powerful quote from Ann Mausbach: "PLCs aren't meetings..." Discover how this revelation reshapes the way we approach PLCs. Alongside insights from instructional coach Felicity Liversidge and a surprising lesson from Sister Jean, we explore the true essence of PLCs and what it means to emphasize the "L" in this acronym. Plus, don't miss out on the inspiring podcast that sparked this revelation: The School Leadership Show. And explore the valuable resources shared by Felicity Liversidge on her website, Lifelong Learning and Inspiring.

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A Dynamic Shift: The Path from "Yeah, But" to "And, How"
  •  8/1/2023 07:41 AM

Explore the intriguing interplay between two distinct thought systems – one recognizing challenges and the other embracing innovative solutions. Don't be fooled, both "Yeah, But" and "And, How" thinking styles each contribute unique strengths to the problem-solving process. Discover how to use a protocol to allow diverse thinking styles to harmoniously coexist and generate the best ideas.

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What Preferred Future Are You Working Toward?
  •  7/24/2023 05:30 AM

Vision as a plan and vision as sight. How do you craft a plan that reads confidence and sparks movement? Uncover the steps and ingredients to crafting a powerful vision that inspires unity, fosters collaboration, and propels everyone toward a brighter and more successful future.

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The "10th Man" Approach: A Strategic Move for Team Success
  •  7/18/2023 08:40 AM

Drawing inspiration from James Hunter's book, "The Servant," and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad's real-world strategy, this article gets into the significance of embracing diverse perspectives and cognitive diversity within teams and organizations. Discover how challenging the status quo and promoting healthy dissonance can lead to innovative thinking, enhanced decision-making, and unparalleled team success.

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Are We All Just a Curated Collection of a Flawless Facade?
  •  7/7/2023 11:28 AM

Explore the theme of embracing fallibility and the liberating power of making mistakes. In this blog we get into the pressures of perfectionism in today's society and the importance of allowing ourselves the space to learn and grow from our missteps. Discover practical strategies to break free from perfectionist tendencies and cultivate authenticity in a world that often demands flawlessness.

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Beyond the Noise: Truth doesn't need Theatrics
  •  6/29/2023 07:24 AM

Let's look at the contrast between truth and lies. Inspired by a moving scene from the movie "The Jesus Revolution," the author explores the overwhelming challenge of discerning truth in a world filled with competing voices. Drawing upon the wisdom of Kay's profound line, the post highlights how authentic truth quietly manifests itself, devoid of grand gestures or sensationalism, and connects it to the principles of transformational leadership and the captivating nature of truth itself.

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Engagement Unveiled: From Mythical Unicorns to Tangible Transformation
  •  6/23/2023 08:09 AM

With Dr. Heather Lyon's profound quote and the remarkable character of Lidia Poet as our guides, we challenge the status quo, redefine compliance, and advocate for a paradigm shift towards authentic student engagement that empowers learners and transforms educational experiences.

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Can 19 Words Unlock the Potential of Your Team?
  •  6/12/2023 06:16 AM

Jump into Daniel Coyle's "Culture Code" and its profound quote on feedback, uncovering the concept of "magical feedback" and its impact on organizational culture. Learn how 19 simple words can ignite transformation, nurturing a safe and inclusive work environment that inspires excellence. Embrace the cues of belonging, exceptionalism, and unwavering belief in your team, and witness the remarkable magic that unfolds within your organization.

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