The Monsters of our Childhood and the Shadows of our Adulthood
  •  4/4/2024 10:47 AM

This insightful quote plunges us into the human psyche, capturing the shift from childhood fears to adult anxieties. Uncover the journey from darkness to light as we navigate through uncertainty, self-doubt, and the quest for authenticity. Discover how confronting insecurities leads to resilience and self-discovery, empowering individuals to embrace their true potential.

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Develop, Don't Just Fix
  •  1/22/2024 10:25 AM

Explore the pioneering teachings of Don Clifton, shaping a new narrative in education. Join an experienced educator's candid reflections on the pitfalls of hyperfocusing on weaknesses, offering a thoughtful perspective on the transformative power of strengths-based teaching. Discover the CliftonStrengths assessment, a personalized journey to uncover and celebrate individual talents.

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A Dynamic Shift: The Path from "Yeah, But" to "And, How"
  •  8/1/2023 07:41 AM

Explore the intriguing interplay between two distinct thought systems – one recognizing challenges and the other embracing innovative solutions. Don't be fooled, both "Yeah, But" and "And, How" thinking styles each contribute unique strengths to the problem-solving process. Discover how to use a protocol to allow diverse thinking styles to harmoniously coexist and generate the best ideas.

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