Leadership: Joyful or Joyless
  •  12/5/2023 10:58 AM

The highs and lows, the joyful and joyless leaders and their impact. How do different leadership styles show joy? And uncover the impact of joylessness in leadership, revealing the void it creates, hindering growth and stifling creativity within teams.

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The "10th Man" Approach: A Strategic Move for Team Success
  •  7/18/2023 08:40 AM

Drawing inspiration from James Hunter's book, "The Servant," and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad's real-world strategy, this article gets into the significance of embracing diverse perspectives and cognitive diversity within teams and organizations. Discover how challenging the status quo and promoting healthy dissonance can lead to innovative thinking, enhanced decision-making, and unparalleled team success.

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Can 19 Words Unlock the Potential of Your Team?
  •  6/12/2023 06:16 AM

Jump into Daniel Coyle's "Culture Code" and its profound quote on feedback, uncovering the concept of "magical feedback" and its impact on organizational culture. Learn how 19 simple words can ignite transformation, nurturing a safe and inclusive work environment that inspires excellence. Embrace the cues of belonging, exceptionalism, and unwavering belief in your team, and witness the remarkable magic that unfolds within your organization.

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Conflict: The Surprising Tool to Stopping Organizational Decay
  •  4/23/2023 01:02 PM

Is conflict bad? Should we avoid conflict in organizations? Is it really a very important tool to stimulate growth? What are the consequences of avoiding conflict in organizations?

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