Coaching Resources

Welcome to our Free Resources for Coaches! We understand that coaching is a dynamic and ever-evolving profession, and we're dedicated to supporting your journey as a coach. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, this section is designed to provide you with valuable tools and knowledge to enhance your coaching practice.

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The TRIM Coaching method, developed by Karaton Consulting, is a streamlined coaching framework designed to facilitate goal achievement. TRIM stands for Target, Reality, Ideas, and Method. In this approach, individuals clarify their specific goals (Target), assess their current situation (Reality), brainstorm potential strategies (Ideas), and then select actionable methods (Method) to progress toward their objectives.TRIM Coaching Model 
Our straightforward Action Planning Template is your go-to tool for effective goal tracking. It features sections for setting smaller, specific goals, outlining what you need to achieve them, and setting a due date. You can easily monitor your progress and record whether you've met each smaller goal.Action Planner
This tool allows both coaches and coachees to closely monitor progress, making it easy to track accomplishments and ensure alignment with your goals. It's a powerful resource for individuals and coaches committed to achieving meaningful results.Goals and Action Planner
Introducing our free CTFAR Coaching Template, inspired by Brooke Castillo's transformative coaching model. This resource simplifies the process of exploring Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results to help individuals gain clarity, make intentional changes, and achieve their desired outcomes. It's an invaluable tool for both coaches and clients on their journey to personal growth and transformation.CTFAR (The Model) Template